Incredible Hair Care Secrets: Amazing Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil For Your Hair

Coconut oil is an exotic fruit, but it is universally used in treatments due to wide range of useful properties. For example, coconut flesh is used to make shredded coconut flake many of us love to use in culinary masterpieces. Coconut oil can be used as a fantastic treatment for your face, body and hair. Let me tell you a bit more about how coconut oil can improve your hair.

Coconut oil properties for your hair

Magical properties of it have been known since ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra used it. We all still admire strong and shiny hair of women from tropical countries. Now these secrets are available to every beauty in the world. Coconut oil is like a pantry full of fatty acids and triglycerides due to which it can be easily absorbed into the scalp, deeply penetrating roots of your hair delivering nutrients and perfectly moisturising every ringlet.

1. Hair nutrition

Due to its great nutritional qualities, it is suitable for all types of hair, but it remains a real find for dry and thin hair, damaged and weakened hair and especially with split ends.

Coconut Oil Improves Your Hair
Coconut Oil Improves Your Hair

2. Moisturiser

Hair that is often dyed or curled can become extremely dry and lifeless but coconut oil will return shine, moisture and volume to your hair. It will give elasticity and add strength to the full length of each ringlet, stop your hair from falling out and even stimulate growth.

3. Protection

Apart from all of the above, this precious cosmetic product can be used for its protective and regenerative qualities to protect your hair from sun, sea wind and salty water, which is especially great for holiday adventures.

4. Antiseptic

Due to fantastic antibacterial qualities, it is great treatment for your scalp it can be used to treat dry or itchy scalp, dandruff or seborrhoea.

5. For your baby

You can read our large article on how it can help your baby grow strong and healthy!

Use it to help your hair

1. Add it to your shampoo

Coconut oil can be used on its own or it can be mixed with various shampoos and masks. While you wash your hair coconut oil will create a protective film which will prevent the proteins from being washed out and it will also protect your hair from getting damaged, when you dry it and brush it.

2. Make a hair mask

If you want to use it on its own, you can just apply it over your hair and spread it through the entire length, massage it into the roots then to amplify the healing you can put on a plastic cap and wrap a towel over your head to keep it warm. You can leave this mask on overnight and rinse it off in the morning which is especially great for treatment of faint and damaged hair. For a slight moisturisation of dry and faint hair it is useful to cover your comb with coconut oil then brush your hair. To treat split ends simply apply coconut oil on the ends of your hair regularly.

Make a Coconut Oil Hair Mask
Make a Coconut Oil Hair Mask

You can purchase coconut oil in specialised health stores on a market or online and it is relatively cheap. When buying oil, you need to make sure it’s pure cold pressed and good quality. It is important to remember that for your hair coconut oil can be used in pure and undiluted state, but to use coconut oil on your face, body and hands you should dilute it with water. Nevertheless, the best results are achieved with homemade coconut oil.

Make it at home: homemade recipe

Put a medium size coconut into a bowl. Carefully open up the coconut, remove liquid and meat, shred it with a blender, add 2-2.5 cups of hot, but not boiling, water and mix it well. Let it cool down, then cover the bowl with a lid and put in a fridge. After 24 hours over the pulp a layer of coconut oil will form. You need to remove the oil and put it in a separate vessel. Keep it in the fridge, the oil should retain is qualities for the next couple of weeks.

The only counter-indication for using the coconut oil is personal intolerance to coconut or if you are allergic.

There is a multitude of hair masks based on coconut oil. Use of various components allows to improve effectiveness and effect of this wonderful product.

Best coconut oil buy online

I have tried plenty of different coconut oil over time. Here are our Top 3 Best Coconut Oil below.

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Hope this article has helped you. If you have any suggestions what I should add about this oil or you have a special use for it yourself – do not hesitate to tell us about it!

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