21 facial care tips you need to know

Facial care tips

Here are 21 simple life hacks that would help you to take better care of your facial skin.

  1. Pick a right care for a right season. In the winter we need moisturising products, during summer – products with SPF filters.
  2. In the summer try to use as less cosmetics as possible. When wearing make up, it would be a good decision to pick light moisturising toner and BB creams.
  3. Apply creams and masks for face along the massage lines. There will be a double effect of this: better skin care and massage.
  4. Do not squeeze out pimples. This will only make them more noticeable.
  5. Have you just noticed a pimple that is a size of a fire truck? Don’t panic! Moisten a cotton pad with eye drops and put it in the freezer. Leave it there for 3-5 minutes. Then take it and put it to the inflamed area – a pimple would become almost invisible.
  6. Tooth paste can also be used as a remedy to fight pimples. Apply it to the pimple and wait until it fully dries out. This will make people look dull.
  7. Please be careful not to put too much bronzer, highlighter or blusher. Or you risk looking like a plastic doll (unless that’s what you are aiming for).
  8. When choosing a colour of a foundation, apply it to your jawline. This will let you see how you look like with it.
  9. When applying foundation to your face, do not forget about your neck.
  10. Remember the golden rule – first apply foundation, then apply colour corrector.
  11. To hide dark circles around your eyes, apply corrector in the form of a triangle and then carefully rub it.

    Get rid of dark circles
    Get rid of dark circles
  12. You can use concealer to hide pimples and any other unwanted spots on your body as well.
  13. If you want your cheeks to look nice and smooth – apply bronzer and highlighter in this exact order.
  14. Home made bronzer recipe – 1 tea spoon of cinnamon + 1 tea spoon cacao + 1 tea spoon of nutmeg + 2 tea spoons of corn starch. Mix it all up and voila!
  15. Put index and middle finger to the side of the nose. This will be the point where you need to start your blush shade.
  16. You can give your face a light color without make up. Just pinch your cheeks for a bit.
  17. If you have dry skin, try using a cream blush and a powder.
  18. If you ran out of blush, you can replace it with a lipstick. First apply lipstick on your hand and then use sponge.
  19. Remove shine from face and fix your make up a bit without powder – use baby powder or talcum powder for the body.
  20. Make up removals (milk, micellar water, etc) are perfect skin cleaners. They clear skin of color that got on your skin by accident during hair coloring.
  21. Take off your make up as soon as you are home. Do not do it right before your bed time, that is a bit too late.

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