17 Incredible Things You Can Clean With Lint Roller

17 Ways To Use Lint Roller

You might remember how difficult it was to brush out your pet’s fur or dust your coat using a brush, some people tried to hoover or even use sticky tape to do it.

But all these things are left in the past since the invention of the lint roller. Today it is available in almost any store, cheap and effective little tool. It is incredibly convenient for cleaning coats, but I will tell you a few more tips on how you can use it to clean things you may have not thought you can.

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1. Cheeky glitter

Many of us love glitter, and we are all very familiar with those cheeky little specks that cannot be stopped. Glitter can go all over the place, but don’t worry it is super easy to pick it all up with a lint roller.

2. Pet lover

You don’t have to wait for your pet’s fur to go all over your furniture and favourite clothes, you can simply free your pet of its excess fur by cleaning it with a lint roller. I would advise to do this only if you lovely pet doesn’t mind being rubbed with the roller.

Clean Glitter With Lint Roller
Clean Glitter With Lint Roller

3. Emergency touch up

If you are expecting some important guests any minute and don’t want to be caught with the sound of a hoover, but noticed a few bits of dirt on your lovely carpet- you don’t have to worry, just pick it up with your lint roller.

4. Hand bag crazy

So many of us are simply crazy about hand bags! But sometimes it can get a little messy inside, spilled powder or tissue fluff can make it not so pretty, no problem, you can easily improve this situation with a simple lint roller.

5. Tidy drawers

It can be extremely difficult to keep your drawers clean if you don’t have a lint roller, that makes the job of picking up any dust or dirt from tricky places super easy!

6. Tidy everywhere

Everyone likes to be groomed, looking after yourself is important. But some grooming processes can be a little messy. If you shave or pluck your brows little hairs can be a nightmare to clean unless you have a ling roller. Happy days not a single little hair!

7. Sun lover

If you are one of those people that just can not get enough sun and often get sunburns, next time your skin starts to flake off, you can easily clean it all off with a lint roller.

Clean Messy Craft Table
Clean Messy Craft Table

8. Craft addict

All you craft lovers know how messy crafting can get. Now you also know that you can easily clean the place up from all those paper cuts and pesky little bits with a lint roller.

9. Tidy pool cloth

If you love pool so much that you even have a pool table, you must love to look after the cloth. Did you know that a lint roller can get it to look just great for the game!

10. Abat-jour  

Abat-jour or fabric lamp shades make your home extremely cosy, but they might be tricky to keep dust free. You don’t have to worry if you have a lint roller, just rub it over the fabric and it will pick up every speck of dust on your favourite abat-jour.

11. Tidy car

We are all familiar with the situation where you have to drive someone important somewhere and your car salon is a bit dusty and budget is tight. You can always dust it off with a lint roller.

12. Kid toys

Soft toys often gather dust, and none of us want our children to play with dusty stuffed animals. Lint roller can easily pick up any dust of your kid’s toys.

13. Accidental breakage

If someone dropped a glass at your house party, no need to panic or risk getting cut, simply get your lint roller out to pick up the shards of broken glass.

14. Phone screen protector

If you want to put a screen protector on your phone, spray and wipe with a muck off cloth and then pick up any specks of dust with a lint roller. This will make the screen protector stay on longer and invisible.

15. Flakes on your shoulders

Sometimes you have a dry scalp day or dandruff, don’t worry you can always easily clean it off with a lint roller before you go to meet someone special.

Clean Flakes With Your Lint Roller
Clean Flakes With Your Lint Roller

16. Tables and chairs

It is such a universal tool; you can use it on wood and soft furnishings. Keep all your armchairs, stools even tables clean with lint roller.

17. Sewing is great

Many of us like to make clothes or home our own home décor with the use of sewing machines. This process can get a bit messy with all the little cut off threads, but they will be easily picked up by the lint roller.

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