17 Essential Shower Cleaning Principles

Essential Shower Cleaning Tips

This post is designed to help you make your bath and shower clean and shiny with help of simple and easy to use products. If you like our posts, do not be shy and spread the word about our website to your friends and relatives.

1. Start from rinsing

If you are not entirely sure where to begin, start from rinsing the excess dirt and hair off the walls. It should be easy if you have a shower head with an extension hose, but if you don’t- do not worry, just use a bucket of water and a cloth. It is best to start from the top of the wall.

2. Keep the curtains clean

It is very easy to wash your shower curtains, you can just throw them in the washing machine together with towels and other stuff- this will get rid of all the grime. After you wash the shower curtains, just hang them to dry. Do not tumble dry, high temperature can damage plastic items.

3. Clean your bath tub using nature’s help

You can mix a quarter cup of salt with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, this will work a treat for your bath tub! It will help you clean, it smells great and it is safe for pets or children.

4. Mildew can be stopped

If you want to prevent mildew, you can simply soak your shower curtains and mats in salt water and mildew will not grow. You can even do this as soon as you buy new curtains.

5. How to make your cabin shine

Did you know that you can spray your glass cabin with WD40 and n about 20 minutes, after you wipe it off, the surface will sparkle!

6. Just keep it tidy

For a little touch up it may convenient to get a dishwashing sponge with a liquid refillable handle. Pour some vinegar solution inside and keep it by the side of your shower so you can wipe small bits any time.

7. Soak the shower head

If your shower head is covered in stubborn scale, grub a little bag put a table spoon of baking soda and a cup of vinegar, tie the bag around the shower head and fill it with some warm water, then leave it on for about 8-10 hours. After you take the bag off all the dirt will come off easy.

8. Protect the plug hole

To keep your pipes from getting blocked by hair and dirt, get yourself a plug guard. It covers your plughole and prevents the nasty bits from getting in and clogging your pipes. You may never have to unclog your drains after you get a plug guard.

9. Wipe dry shower cabin

You can keep your shower cabin walls and doors shiny by whipping the excess water with a squeegee. That’s right squeegees can be used for any glass surface.

10. Keep the bottles organised

You can fix a pole on the side wall with several little baskets, parallel to the shower rail, but low enough so it is easy for you to see. Put all the bottles ad soaps in the baskets to keep the space clear and tidy.

11. Vinegar solution

Prepare the same vinegar solution as described a few paragraphs above, the one to clean the shower head, and fill a spray bottle with this solution. Keep it near to clean your bathroom walls from soap smudges and gunk.

12. Make your metal fittings sparkle

You can rub your fittings with half a lemon, then simply rinse them with cool water, this will make any chrome surface super shiny!

13. Keep the air flow

Make sure you turn on the fan when you take shower. This will keep the humidity down while you are showering and prevent mildew and mould from growing in your bathroom.

14. Keep it dry

Yet another good tip to keep out mould and mildew. Try shaking any excess water off your shower curtain.

15. Use the power of steam

Steam is extremely powerful against dirt and grime. Steam can even straighten your shirts if you hang them in the bathroom while you are taking a shower. It will make your cleaning job easier if you clean straight after taking a shower, while the dirt is loose from steam.

16. Trim the edge

If your curtain is too long or has a folded edge it might help mildew build up. To avoid this issue just trim the curtain with a pair of pinking shears. A notched edge will help the water drop down and keep your curtains clean.

17. Do it collectively

If you share a bathroom with a family or friends, teach everyone these easy tricks to keep it clean. It will make it much easier for all to clean the bathroom. Collectively you can do it!

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